If music be the food of love...

… scrap that, I’ll have the food. And the drink. I’m happy to chat to people about incredibly expensive watches (actually, interviewing the mercurial, charismatic Maximillian Busser of MB&F while he was on a mobile halfway up one of the Alps – possibly Mont Blanc – was really memorable… a great guy). And even writing about bespoke suits and upmarket brands has been fun for someone who is as fashionable as herpes. Still, it all puts food on the plate, to bring us back to where we started… 

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Bespoke Furniture

The Bentley of furniture design, Linley has come a long way since being founded by David (Viscount) Linley in 1985. But a well-deserved reputation for classic timber craftsmanship does not preclude embracing contemporary design, explains creative director Alex Isaac.

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Brioni: Suits for the Stars

Brioni is seen as the world’s most effortlessly elegant menswear label in the world. It rose to prominence in the Fifties and Sixties and rode high on the glamour of Hollywood’s golden now. Now under the stewardship of former Givenchy head designer Brendan Mullane, says Eugene Costello, it seems the glory days are here once again…

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Visible Pantry Line

The bottom line, that is – at a crunch-defying £22 for three courses, the Modern Pantry is a paean to value and flair.

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Risqué Moves

It is hard to believe looking at her elfin features, unlined face and a smile to light up every red carpet, that Juliette Binoche turns 50 this month.

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Al’s Well

If you don’t know Al Porter yet, you will soon. The Irish comedian’s meteoric rise has seen him perform all over to great acclaim, including in Dubai

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A Man For All Seasoning

Richard Corrigan’s rural childhood is reflected in his earthy cooking that is at once hearty yet accomplished and refined.

Eugene Costello meets a true bon viveur who loves life

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Great Scot

Some Scottish-themed restaurants can be a pain in the haggis. Not the classy Boisdale, says Eugene Costello

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The Real Meal Deal

In a city boasting 79 Michelin stars, Tripadvisor’s 2017 list of its top London restaurants might just surprise you. Forget about going to Gordon’s place, and never mind a meal Heston’s… here’s where you should really eat in the city

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Taylor-Made Style

Surely the last of the greats from Hollywood’s golden age, Liz Taylor lives on long after her death, famed for her smouldering sensuality, her tumultuous personal life and her lifelong love of Bulgari…

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The Future of Gucci

2014 was a turbulent time for premium luxe Italian fashion brand Gucci. One might even go so far as to call it the house’s annus horribilis.

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Interview: Mazimillian Büsser

An interview with the charismatic wünderkind who created the iconoclastic, some would say, eccentric Swiss brand

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Vintage posters

With their vibrant colours, inspired designs and insights into an often-vanished world, classic travel posters are gaining in popularity among collectors