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"A well-rounded addition to any editorial desk..."

Jonathan Boyd
Editorial director, Open Door Media

"His newspaper background means that he works terrifically well under pressure while maintaining the very highest standards both in his writing and editing."

Dan Brotzel
Head of content and co-founder, Sticky Content Ltd

"He's dug us out of more than one project mire. His professionalism... the charm – wowzer. This man can keep any editorial project on track."

Martin Hennessey
Founder, The Writer

"His ability to juggle responsibilities to ensure we met deadline was incredibly helpful"

Jemma Clark
Project Services Director, JPC Creative

""The Che Guevara of journalism...""

A Few Good Hacks
Members of a Facebook group for journalists

"... his appearance of shambling ill-preparedness belies a keen sense of informality providing the surest guidance on a valued learning journey"

Tim Dawson
National Executive Committee, National Union of Journalists

"... the irrepressible charm of an old-school pork-pie-hatted journalist. Thoroughly recommended!"

Nick Saalfeld
Founder and director, Wells Park Communications