Freelance journalism

After scraping an English degree at Leeds University (2:2, the ‘gentleman’s degree’) and having a string of jobs from lorry driver via selling radio pagers to flogging newspaper advertising, I concuded I was more or less unemployable by the age of 29. So I thought I’d make sure of it by becoming a journalist and plumped for the affordable (cheap) and efficient (short) post-grad course at what was then the London College of Printing at Back Hill in Farringdon, behind the old Guardian offices. Here are a few samples of my work over the past 20 years. There is no rhyme or reason to the selection, other than they are what came up when I went into my massively overloaded inbox and searched for “PDF”…


Want me to write something for you?

I'll pretty much write about anything. So long as it is legal and ethical. (If it isn't, we'd need to discuss that over a pint...) Get in touch for a chat about what you need, what your budget is and your deadline for the project. I'm sure to be able to help...

Journalist, dad, Londoner, traveller, epicure and gadfly. Views my own.

Unless they are libellous. In which case, they are Katie Hopkins’s.